What are the Career Options For (CA) Chartered Accoutant?

Career Options For CA: Chartered Accountancy opens many career options for its students. Once you clear all the levels of Chartered Accountancy or CA, limitless options are open for you. Moreover, the CA Salary in India is about 7-8 lakhs and gradually rises per skill and experience.

Chartered Accountants hold a very responsible position in our society – Prime Minister of India “Narendra Modi.”

The demand for a chartered accountant is rapidly increasing after some major decisions taken by govt. of India, Like GST. However, many people are still confused about the career options for CA courses. In the article below, let’s look at all these Career options.

Career Options after Chartered Accountant (CA)

A chartered accountant is a self-certain degree program. Choose the job which is best suitable for you.

1. Internal Auditor:

  • Internal Auditor works independently and objectively evaluates the internal operations.
  • The Internal auditor identifies safeguards, assures safeguards, Promotes ethics, and finds improper conduct in the organization.
  • However, the work pressure in this job profile is comparatively high; one can work after passing CA Intermediate at this position in corporate.

2. Taxation Experts:

  • Once you become CA, you can work as a taxation expert in direct tax (Income tax) or indirect tax (GST and other Laws).
  • After implementing the new taxation policy in our country, the scope of CA in this field has increased.

3. Banking and Insurance sector

  • Banking is one field with a wide scope of jobs for CA. However, a general accountant in the bank cannot handle the overall accounts. Hence, a bank needs an expert accountant to help with financial strategies.
  • The job role in this field remains related to financial planning and banking norms.
  • Moreover, the candidates have the opportunity to join and lead the banks.

4. Work as a Teacher

You can start teaching students part-time if you have passed the exam with good marks.

  • Teaching is a reputed profession with high ethical standards. One not only earns money as a teacher but also earns fame and reputation being a good teacher.
  • One can teach the students part-time while doing a job.
  • Moreover, teaching profession jobs are available in an educational institution in the commerce field, teaching UG/PG graduates, or the best is to start your own CA institution.
  • Furthermore, there is no need to stop your work; you can teach while keeping your work in practice.

5. CA Firm

Even after becoming a Chartered Accountant, there are a lot of things related to CA that a candidate needs to learn. For that, they can join a CA Firm, where they can learn everything they have missed during their articleship training. Moreover, they can learn how to deal with clients, file cases, and deal with income tax officers. The only loss is that CA Firm does not offer a high salary.

Furthermore, the candidate can start his own CA Firm after learning from the CA Firm.

6. International Taxation

The scope of International Taxation has been increasing rapidly. Because of taxation’s rapid growth, the ICAI has also introduced a new subject in CA Final Course named “International Taxation.” However, present tax laws are becoming complicated, and mergers, globalization, and transfer pricing have increased the scope of CA in International Taxation.

7. Financial Analyst

Everybody knows that CAs are experts in finance and legal matters. CA’s can handle the finance of the company better than an MBA graduate. However, A company requires an MBA to run the business, but a CA to guide him on how to run the business.

Moreover, Chartered accountants are well versed in all the financial terms and Policies. So, this has raised the scope of CA as a Financial Analyst in big Companies.

Final Say

In the above article, We the CA Wizard team have discussed some career opportunities with you that one should know about after becoming a Chartered Accountant. However, one must select the career opportunities per their skills and abilities. Select the one which more suits you according to your interest.

FAQs – Career Options for CA

Q1. What are the Jobs offered after CA?

Ans: A chartered accountant can pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Internal Auditing
  • Tax Auditing.
  • A career in Accounting and Finance
  • Tax Advising
  • Banking Sector

Q2. Is CA a good Career option in India?

Ans: Yes, Chartered Accountancy is one of the best-sorted career options for CA students. However, the demand for CA is increasing day by day.

Q3. Is CA losing value?

Ans: CA’s in India holds a very responsible position. The value of CA can never be decreased. They are highly valued and respected in society.

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