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Uas Acrilicas

Uas acrilicas are used for a variety of skin-care needs. These include carpinteria, Vidrio templado, and spa de Manos y Pies. There are also in-home depilation methods available.

Spa de Manos y Pies

The Spa de Manos y Pies is a relaxing and hygienic place to visit if you are in Uas Acrilicas. You can get your feet and hands pampered at this spa using different treatments. There are different services available for men and women, and there is even a special section for children.

Carpinteria de aluminio

Carpinteria de aluminio is a highly versatile material that is perfect for interior and exterior use. The material is light and durable and resists moisture. Aluminio is also fire-resistant and can be recycled.

Vidrio templado

Vidrios Y espejos New York are expert in making customized and personalized vidrio Templado espejo. They can be made of any color you want.

Pizarras acrilicas

Pizarras acrilica are made from acrylic material, and are available in different sizes. They can also come with a wood or metal border and a caballete. These acrilica pizarras can be customized in any way to suit your individual needs.

Cerchas metalicas

Acrilic paint is a mixture of a base solvent and corrosion inhibitors. It is used to protect metal surfaces in interior and exterior applications. It can withstand low-medium environmental conditions. It can be applied to rejas, metal structures, machinery, and more.


Blindados in Uas Acrilicos are available in different sizes and made from high quality materials. CAT5e cabo, for instance, is a 20 meter cable capable of 1Gbit connections and is highly resistant to different kinds of interference.

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