Roman Atwood and Brittney Atwood

Brittney Atwood’s YouTube videos have garnered over 90 million views. She is a popular author and prankster, who has become an internet sensation in recent years. Her first video, “Anniversary Prank Backfires!!,” was released when she and Roman Atwood were dating. It has since become her most popular upload, with over 90 million views as of February 2022.

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is one of the most popular YouTube personalities. His vlogs are viewed by millions of viewers. His wife, Brittney Atwood, is also an Instagram sensation, with over 2.7 million followers. The couple got married in July 2018. The couple has two children, a son named Kane Alexander Atwood and a daughter named Cora.

Brittney Atwood was a dental assistant before she met her husband, Roman Atwood. When she became pregnant with their first child, Brittney quit her job and began helping her husband. She was included in Roman’s vlogs, and he even made a movie featuring her. She also helps her husband with his online sales and inventory management. They have a successful relationship, and their two children keep them very busy.

Roman Atwood is best known for his prank vlogs. The most popular one of them involved turning Atwood’s house into a giant ball pit. In addition, he pranked his then-girlfriend on her five-year anniversary. Some of his videos garnered mixed reactions. In the past year, he has been quiet on social media, but his vlogs are still popular.

Brittney Atwood is also active on social media. Her Instagram account has a large number of followers. Kane’s popularity on social media will likely rival other celebrities. She also has her own website. While she is still a relatively new star in the entertainment industry, she has made a lot of money with her videos.

Roman Atwood has also been active in several charitable organizations. In fact, he once teamed up with electronics manufacturer TigerDirect in a positive prank that replaced all the electronics at the charity headquarters in Florida. His videos about personal events are some of his most popular. He’s also known for his pranks, including a time when he filled his house with plastic ball pit balls when Brittney came home.

The author has a menagerie of pets, including two cats named Nitro and Tux. He also has a Siberian husky named Flash and a donkey named Empire. The couple also has a tank filled with fish. Roman Atwood is also a YouTube star, with over 1.5 million subscribers. The author has a vlog channel and has a book that has been translated into several languages.

Roman Atwood has won multiple awards, including the Shorty Award. She is known for her active lifestyle. She tries to stay fit by doing workouts and exercising, and eats healthy. However, she enjoys pizza with her family. Both Roman and Brittney Atwood share their activities on social media.

Roman Atwood and Brittney Atwood met in 2011 at Brittney Atwood’s sister’s wedding. The couple dated shortly after the wedding. Brittney and Roman’s relationship is very happy and they have two children together, Roman Atwood and Veronica Atwood. The couple also have a number of pets. The family has two cats, a donkey named Empire, and a Siberian husky named Flash. The couple also had a German shepherd named Zeus.

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