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Use Of Personal Data:

We use your data in two different ways, which are following 

Operating Business

1. To complete your registration 

2. To resolve any of your problems related to our website and our service. 

3. To improve our services by analysing the customer’s data.

4. Use your location to make sure about using address-based services


1. To contact the customer about their queries.

2. To address the services you used for promotional purposes. 


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We will use your data and other information you used to reach our Animixplay website.

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`How we share the information 

We do not share users’ personal information with anybody asking. It is not disclosed publicly to be used for false reasons. But we do provide this information to 1/3 part. 

This information is also provided to google to analyse the customer’s liking and disliking so google may show you the only ads you are interested in. These ads may include some paid promotions or location-based services.


You have to agree with the website to use its cookies. Therefore, it is a must-chosen option.

Log data

Log data shows when you visited our website and from which browser you reached here. We do collect your log data. With log data, we also collect additional data, including the type of your browser, browser history, IP address, time and date you are visiting the website.