Profit-Measuring using Cell Phone Repair Digital Marketing Email Metrics

Email marketing is one of the many revenue-driving marketing strategies to include in your business. Email marketing allows you to establish an unbreakable connection with your customers. Instead of clogging your customer’s inbox with countless emails that provide them no value, take a persuasive approach to stand out. If you wish to have an effective cell phone repair digital marketing strategy, email marketing should be the first step towards it.

The only thing that makes your email marketing campaign a big success are the metrics. Without looking at the reports, you can’t learn what aligns with your audience and what does not. Metrics will make your every email work efficiently towards the revenue generation goal. Let’s find out the essential stats to keep an eye on while running an email campaign.

Table of Contents

  • Opening Rate
  • Tracking of Bounce Rate
  • List Drop-Outs
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversions Rate
  • ROI Measurement

Drive Traffic and Revenue Through Emails For A Successful Cell Phone Repair Digital Marketing Campaign

Doing email marketing right is tough but once you have it, nothing can stop the skyrocket growth of your mobile repair shop. For explosive revenue growth, you need to keep an eye on some of the email marketing metrics for yielding better results.

  1. Opening Rate

The opening rate is one of the most important factors to monitor when you want email marketing to be successful. The opening rate signals how many subscribers are opening your emails. On average, your opening rate should fall between 20-25%, which means you have captured the readers’ attention with your subject line.

To improve the opening rate, you should personalize subject lines with the person’s name, perform A/B testing to get a clear picture, and craft short subject lines. Test your emails in different scenarios to evaluate what is hitting the target.

  1. Tracking Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is another cell phone repair digital marketing challenge businesses go through when they start crafting email campaigns. Bounce rate points to the ratio of emails that remain undelivered to your list, which also affects overall campaign results. During a successful email campaign, the bounce rate should be less than 4%.

You should have complete data from the soft bounce, which indicates the problem from the receiver’s end to the hard bounce, which signals that something is wrong at your end. The solution is to create a qualified subscribers list by asking them to verify their email addresses once they are on your list. Evaluate how many people marked you as spam and blocked you from sending emails.

  1. List Drop Outs

Another critical email marketing metric to monitor is the unsubscribe rate. Many of your subscribers may feel your subject and information are not relevant to them and they move out of your list. Other reasons might be receiving excessive emails, needlessly long emails, unrelated information, or spam selling.

To deal with such issues, cell phone repair email marketing experts should focus on sending emails twice a week to your subscribers, which must contain information that convinces them to stay on your subscribers’ list. Also, ask them what they want to read to learn more about subscriber patterns. Your drop-out numbers for a successful marketing campaign should not be more than 0.20%.

  1. Click-Through Rate

Click-Through rate (CTR) is the email marketing metric that helps evaluate how many people are clicking on the link included in your email. It also lets you understand what CTA’s and links are working with your audience. An average CTR should be around 2.5%, indicating an email campaign’s success.

Also, you will understand why people are not clicking on your links. Keep your email short where you want the audience to move to another page with a link. Modify CTAs when previous ones aren’t working and attach tracking codes to them. .

  1. Conversion Rate

Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective strategies to include in your business when you want a healthy conversion rate without working around the clock to drive traffic. Conversion happens when your subscriber performs a certain action you ask them in an email.

If your email marketing campaign is successful, it must show you numbers atleast between 2 to 6%. Keep an eye on the conversion rate and change your strategies according to the numbers. When you want your readers to act to convert, don’t add multiple links because they will do nothing. Keep your email clear, engaging, and short.

  1. ROI (Return on Investment) Measurement

Last but not least, you should know how much revenue the overall campaign generated against the investment. ROI measurement is why marketers and businesses start believing in email marketing, as it has changed many companies’ sales dynamics.

You can pull an average ROI of 122% by executing every smart email marketing strategy. Craft your emails with interesting, evergreen content rather than clawing for attention.

If you are looking for ways to nurture your warm leads into hot ones, email marketing is the path to follow. Your business will build trust and credibility in the market, along with driving qualified traffic and leads. Effective email marketing and metrics may take time to transform your business that churns out sales effectively.

Moving on to the section of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is considered a good email engagement rate during cell phone repair digital marketing campaign?

If it’s been a while since you have been executing an email marketing strategy for driving traffic and revenue, but the results were not satisfactory? You need to keep your eye on data as it will help you evaluate who is interested in your subscription list and who is complaining about spam receiving.

  1. Is email marketing here to stay for boosting cell phone repair business?

Email marketing campaigns were never as important as they are now. More than any other strategy, this alone can drive maximum qualified leads to you. Email marketing is here to stay and will only get powerful with time.

  1. Is email marketing beneficial in boosting sales?

Evaluating the overall email marketing process, you must understand that it is one of the most cost-effective strategies for business expansion. It boosts ROI significantly without eating some part of your profits. Your business will yield 130% more earnings than those who are still not following it.

  1. What is a marketing channel capable of delivering the highest ROI?

Compared to other popular marketing channels, email campaigns are at the top. For example, if done right you can on an investment of $1, receive $35, a flattering margin for any business. It can deliver 4X higher ROI than others.

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