Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin

Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin have three children: two daughters and a son. They got married in 1984 and welcomed Rosie, Michael, and Chiquis Rivera into the family. However, the couple separated in 1992 and Jennifer accused the former of abusing the children, resulting in his conviction for rape. Now, the former is serving a 31-year sentence in prison. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Jenni, is suing him for sexual assault and abusing his daughters.

Jenni Rivera’s first husband

Jenni Rivera married Trino Marin, a musician from Puerto Rico, in 1989. The couple had three children together. However, the marriage had problems and they filed for divorce in 1992. Their reason was that there were irreconcilable differences between them. Jenni later remarried to Esteban Loaiza in 2010, and the two separated in 2012.

Trino’s first marriage ended in 1992 due to the abuse of his first wife. The couple had a younger daughter who met her father and was invited to their second daughter’s wedding. As far as Jenni and Trino are concerned, there is no information on whether the second marriage will last or not.

Jenni Rivera’s second husband

Jenni Rivera has two children from two previous marriages. The couple married in 1989, while she was still in high school, and they had two children together. Their oldest child, named Chiquis, was born on June 26, 1985. Jenni also completed high school and had high grades.

Jose Marin was Jenni’s first husband, but this relationship ended in divorce. Trino Marin was born on February 15, 1964. He grew up in Mexico, but he eventually moved to California. He and Jenni Rivera were married for eight years, and they had one daughter, Chiquis, together. However, Trino was abusive towards Jenni, and they divorced in 1992.

Jenni Rivera’s third husband

Jenni Rivera’s third husband, Trino Marin, is a criminal and a former fugitive from the law. The pair got married in 1984 and separated in 1992. During their marriage, Jenni earned $25 million, with her income mainly coming from her music career. The singer released 15 platinum, gold and double platinum records, and performed on the biggest stages of Latin America. Before she met Trino Marin, she worked odd jobs. She was a waitress, while Marin worked as a restaurant manager. He worked in this industry for the rest of his life.

Jenni’s sister, Rosie, has alleged that Trinidad Marin abused her daughters and made her feel uncomfortable. She says that her sister was abused by Marin, while her older daughter, Chiquis, also abused by him. The accusation led to the arrest of Trino Marin in 2006. The judge declared him guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced him to 31 years in prison.

Jenni Rivera’s fourth husband

Jenni Rivera’s first husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, has been accused of sexually abusing both his daughters and Jenni’s sister-in-law Rosie. Both victims came forward to report their abuse to authorities, and Jenni eventually filed a divorce complaint against Jose. She hoped the marriage would end in a happy ending, but the couple faced several difficulties.

When Jose Marin first met Jenni, he was unemployed, and he worked odd jobs to support the relationship. Later, he got a good job as the administrative manager of an American-Mexican restaurant. Despite the financial problems, Trino Marin supported Jenni’s decision to go back to school and make more money. Jenni, on the other hand, preferred to stay home with her children and house.

Jenni Rivera’s fifth husband

Jenni Rivera’s fifth husband is currently serving a life sentence in prison for sexually assaulting both Jenni and her sister Rosie. The former reality TV star also had a daughter with him, Jacqie Campos. According to reports, the couple divorced in 2003.

Trino Marin met Jenni Rivera in 1984 and they married. Their marriage lasted four years, and they had three children together. However, Trino got a lot of negative publicity for his treatment of his wife, including allegations of physical abuse.

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