How to Boost Your Instagram Follower Count

There are a number of ways to boost your Instagram follower count. These include using branded hashtags and custom collections. This strategy is effective because when users search for these hashtags, they’ll see the best posts of the account and may choose to follow it. It also works because people like following accounts that are consistently engaging with their posts.

IG engagement pods

While many people use IG engagement pods to increase their follower count, you should be wary of this technique. While they do have a few benefits, they can also mask the real growth and engagement of your account. In fact, they can even hinder organic growth. These tools can create a bubble of fake engagement, which is unattractive to real followers. In addition, you may also lose genuine fans who might be looking for transparency when it comes to brands and their products.

Pods can broaden your reach, but you need to be wary of mass-pods with thousands of members. Many members are only interested in boosting their statistics. This can lead to a lower engagement rate than you’d like.

Instagram bots

Instagram bots are automated tools that increase your follower count on Instagram. They work in two ways: front end automation, which is visible to users, and back end automation, which is invisible to users. While front end automation is highly regulated by Instagram, back end automation is completely legal. The bots themselves are a part of the user experience, and are made to mimic human behavior as closely as possible.

Instagram bots work by automatically finding and following other accounts that are relevant to your niche. They also automatically comment and like other accounts. This frees up your time to do other tasks. Moreover, they work around the clock, which means you can get more potential followers whenever you want.

IG ads

Instagram ads are a paid form of content on the app. They look like regular posts but are differentiated by the “Sponsored” tag. You can apply for IG ads by either creating a new post or submitting an existing one. You can also apply for an IG ad through Facebook to promote your existing content. While IG ads are free to create and post, they are not free for businesses.

When creating an IG ad, you should choose an ad format that is designed to catch your audience’s attention. A video or animated post can do wonders to grab viewers’ attention. The first slide of an ad is crucial. You can use a template to create an immersive first slide that will keep your audience swiping through your carousel ad.

IG contests

Contests are a great way to engage your followers and drive engagement. They can also increase email sign-ups, so they can be a great marketing tool. Just make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your contest before you start it.

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