Crazy Games

CrazyGames is a gaming platform based in Belgium that specializes in browser-based games. Its catalog of games includes over 7000 titles ranging from puzzles to action games. Many of these games are available in both solo and multiplayer versions. In addition, CrazyGames offers game-making apps that allow players to create and share their own games.

84 popular crazy games

Crazy Games are popular and free games that can be played on the internet, including mobile devices and browsers. LittleGames is an online gaming portal that has a huge collection of crazy games, including new titles and old favorites. If you’re in the mood for a crazy game, you’ll find that there are 84 popular options to choose from.

Some of these games have positive and negative reviews, so it’s important to read the reviews before making a purchase. If the reviews are good, then you’ll be fine. If they’re bad, that’s probably a sign that the product is not as great as advertised.


The Crazy Games genre includes a number of popular games developed by developers all over the world. The games are available for iOS and Android devices. The games are designed to be fun and entertaining for all ages. They can be played alone or with a team of up to four players. If you are looking for a game to play, you should browse the categories and choose what you’re interested in.

Roguelike games are based on the 1980 computer game Rogue and emphasize inductive reasoning and permadeath. They typically feature a text-based user interface, although some games utilize graphic tiles and graphical elements. Newer roguelike games often feature less hack-and-slash elements.


Platforms in crazy games create a variety of challenges for the player. In many games, platforms can disappear or reappear, which creates an element of danger and predictability. Other games use leaning platforms to create time-based puzzles. These games also feature different color schemes and levels to make playing a challenge.

Platform games involve a series of levels in which the player character runs or jumps over obstacles. The objective is to climb, jump, and solve puzzles in order to progress through a level. They are typically classified as a subgenre of action games, but can also be found in other genres. In a platform game, the player must navigate a set of levels while avoiding various hazards, gathering coins, and completing level objectives.

Game-making apps

Crazy Games is a fast-growing tech company with a five-person team. Its website has more than 13 million visitors per month and is one of the largest browser game platforms in the world. It is self-funded and profitable, growing more than 100 percent a year. It is also part of the Start it @KBC accelerator, which helps start-ups develop scalable ideas and scalable business models.

Crazy Games was launched in 2013 and has a great library of games. You can play them instantly, without having to download them. It supports both Android and iPhones, and also offers a desktop lite version. Its library contains more than 7000 games, and it is continually updated with new games. Users can sort the games by category on the Crazy Games website.

Apex Legends

If you love fighting games and want to compete in them, then Apex Legends is the game for you. It’s free-to-play and has more than 25 million players. The game features different characters with special abilities. Players can also customize their character’s look by buying new Apex Packs. Legend Tokens are also available in this game that can be used to unlock new Legends characters. The game also has a seasonal system called Battle Pass that will reward players with new and unique items.

The game also features limited-time events. These events offer unique cosmetics and game modes and are themed around legendary characters. These events can also change the current map or introduce a new point of interest.

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