How to Convert Portuguese Into English With Reverso

If you’re looking to translate Portuguese into English, you’ve come to the right place. With Reverso, you can translate Portuguese into English in context, thanks to the power of big data and a natural language search engine. The software will also boost your memory, with its search history and phrasebook.


A Portuguese to English-translation service can help you get the wording of your document right, from Portuguese to English. They offer services in more than one language, and their team of experts has many years of experience translating texts. Their quality control procedures include in-depth proofreading and editing. You can be confident that your Portuguese to English translation will be accurate and error-free.

In today’s globalized world, a business must ensure that prospective customers are able to understand the products and services they offer. This will help them build stronger relationships with customers and increase revenue. By using a Portuguese to English translation service, a company can strengthen its communication with its employees and customers and get a leg up on the competition.

Word order

In Portuguese, the word order of adjectives is different from that in English. In English, adjectives come after the noun. In Portuguese, adjectives come after the noun if the noun ends in a vowel. In Portuguese, adjectives ending in -e are neutral. They are also used when a noun is plural.

In Portuguese, adjectives can be pre-posed or post-posed. They are most often post-posed, but this is not always the case. English, on the other hand, consistently uses the pre-position for adjectives. This distinction in word order is important to consider as a Portuguese educator.


When translating Portuguese to English, it’s important to keep in mind the different accents that Portuguese uses. There are two types of accents: acute and circumflex. The former is used when the final syllable of a word is stressed, while the latter is used to indicate that it is an unstressed word. During the last orthographic reform, the Portuguese language lost its trema, a silent u that occurs between q and i, and the third syllable of most multisyllabic words (ter, vir, and a) is stressed.

When translating Portuguese to English, remember that accents indicate a stressed syllable. You can also use a tilde for nasal vowels, while a cedilha indicates a stressed /a/.


When converting nouns from Portuguese to English, you should first note that there are two kinds: masculine and feminine. Generally, nouns ending with -o or -a are feminine. If you’re unsure of the gender of a word, you can look up the translation of the word in a Portuguese to English dictionary.

You can also use an adjective to describe a noun. Most adjectives end in “o,” so you can start by learning adjectives in the masculine form. This is easier to do than learning adjectives in the feminine form. Also, if you use a plural form, you should add an “s” after the “o” or “a.”


Portuguese is a language that uses a masculine-feminine gender system. Most nouns must be gendered according to their gender in the grammatical system. However, non-binary speakers have been pushing for the inclusion of gender-inclusive forms such as inclusive grammatical genders and personal pronouns.

To change a Portuguese word to its English equivalent, simply change the ending of the word by adding an article. This will make the word more feminine or masculine.


Portuguese and English share a lot of vocabulary. Many of the words have Greek or Latin roots, making them cognates. As a result, Portuguese and English both contain thousands of the same words. However, there are some differences in these two languages. For example, some Portuguese words are spelled differently.

The main difference between the two languages’ nouns is their endings. Portuguese nouns end in -ism or -iv, while English nouns end in -ea.

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