Chris Distefano and Jazzy Distefano

In his weekly podcasts, Chris Distefano often features Jazzy Distefano. His social media posts also feature the jazzy disco diva. The two are best friends and often appear together in interviews and in Chris Distefano’s weekly social media posts. Jazzy is an extremely talented musician with a plethora of talents.

Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano and Jazzy Distefano are a married couple. They are known for their comedy routines. Chris started his career on MTV shows and is best known for his observational humor. His full name is Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano. He was born and raised in Queens.

Jazzy Distefano has an Instagram account where she posts pictures of her husband Chris Distefano. The couple married in 2015 after a long relationship. The couple has two children together. The first was Delilah Distefano, born on May 15, 2015. The second child, Violette Luna Distefano, was born in 2021. The couple is reportedly enjoying life together.

Before getting married, Chris and Jazzy Distefano dated for four years. Their relationship crashed, though, after the couple suffered some emotional trauma. After the breakup, Chris and Jazzy moved in together. The couple have two children together: a daughter named Delilah and a son named Tristan.

Jazzy Distefano and Chris Distefano are no longer married, but they are still very close. They have a son named Tristan from a previous relationship and they are planning to buy a big house in Staten Island, New York. Jazzy Distefano is a fitness instructor who has a very busy schedule.

Jazzy Distefano has become a social media influencer. She has a very active Facebook and Instagram page, and her videos are slowly gaining popularity. She uses the platform to post pictures and videos of herself and her family. She is a popular Zumba instructor, and she also helps new mothers overcome postpartum depression.

Chris and Jazzy Distefano met in a bar in New York and were friends for a while. They dated for years, and in 2015, they married in a private ceremony. They welcomed their second child, Delilah, in May 2015. The couple are also parents to three children.

Chris Distefano was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens. He later went on to co-host his own show, The Bracket, on MSG. Distefano and Jazzy Distefano have been together since 2013.

Jazzy Distefano is a US national and is a Christian. She has dark brown hair and black expressive eyes. She is 1.64m tall and weighs 127 pounds. Her waist is 27 inches, while her hips are 34 inches. She has an extensive social media following and is an avid blogger.

Chris Distefano and Jazzy Distefano have two children together. They are happily married. She is also a certified group fitness instructor and Zumba instructor. Jazzy has also opened up about her postpartum depression. She shares her experiences and thoughts about becoming a mother on Instagram.

Chris Distefano’s wife, Jazzy, is a fitness expert. She is married to fitness trainer Chris Distefano and is an active member of the Zumba community. Her net worth is estimated to be between $900k and $2 million by 2022. Jazzy Distefano’s real name is Jasmine Distefano. She is not very active on social media but occasionally appears in her husband’s videos. Her family aspires to buy a spacious house in Staten Island, New York, and she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations.

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